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CODI is committed to creating and maintaining a caring and protective environment which promotes its
core values, and prevents and addresses child abuse and exploitation. We strongly condemn all forms of
child abuse and exploitation, be it within or outside our organization, and always respond to any case of
proven, alleged or attempted abuse within our sphere of influence according to its nature. Efforts
ensure that mechanisms are in place to raise awareness, prevention of violence on children, encourage
reporting and rapid response. They range from human resource development actions such as training
and counseling to measures such as suspension, dismissal, and legal action. The best interest of the
child is our primary consideration. Every child has the right to develop to his or her full potential, to
quality education, participation and non-discrimination. Everybody at CODI has the responsibility to
protect children from all forms of abuse, abandonment, exploitation, violence and discrimination.

CODI has a child safeguarding policy which binds all members of the Board, management, staff,
volunteers, and interns at CODI. Based on this policy, each member of CODI endeavors to define clear
reporting and responding structures. Efforts are made for consistent crisis management plans and
approaches to bring child protection to life in Uganda and Buganda region in particular. Every child is
potentially at risk of abuse and exploitation. Some girls or boys may be more vulnerable to abuse and
exploitation, due to various forms of discrimination and marginalization relating to their socio-economic
status, gender, disability, ethnicity, caste, or living situation. Therefore, it is crucial that every person
connected with CODI understands child abuse, as well as his or her own role and responsibilities in
protecting children. CODI respects all cultures and religions; within a broad intercultural and
interdisciplinary approach we have created a unified frame. In order to prevent and respond to child
abuse, it is crucial that we as an organization reach a common understanding as to what child abuse is
and in which circumstances our policies and procedures apply. Furthermore, CODI is committed to
broader awareness-raising, prevention and advocacy work within families, communities, institutions and
national authorities to promote the protection of children’s rights.

CODI is a child focused organization with a niche to Improve the welfare of children. It employs
responsive and preventive approaches in promoting and protecting the children’s rights. CODI’s
interventions stretch from homes through community spaces to schools. The responsive measures
include all actions necessary to have the victimized children access justice. We engage families inflicted
with domestic violence that result in child abuse, neglect or harmful torture by the parents themselves
or other relatives. The organization responds to incidences of child labor or reported cases of sexual
abuse. We work in collaboration with the police, the probation office, the area magistrates’ courts and
local leaders to apprehend and bring to book perpetrators of violence against children. The organization
responds to complaints on land grabbing especially committed by clan leaders to forfeit property
ownership to bereaved family members like the orphans or widows.

On the prevention approach, the organization works with community-based facilitators whom we train
to educate parents and caregivers in positive parenting skills. In a village for example, families are
clustered in groups to hold parenting sessions organized by our CBFs. The parenting sessions are held
once a week following the training modules that were developed by CODI and other likeminded civil
society organizations in Uganda. These sessions help parents and caregivers to appreciate and have
value for the rights of children, adapt to friendly nurturing without corporal punishments, providing for
the children’s education, health care, clothing, food etc. The organization understands that education is

a right. Therefore, the organization works with school managements in areas of operation to create safe
learning environment for children to grow and learn to their full potential without violence. An
additional service in schools is the coaching of teachers to use the Teaching at the Right Level (TaRL}
methodology which helps the learners to quickly grasp literacy and numeracy skills.

One of the underlying causes of domestic violence and child neglect is poverty. The organization works
with the CBFs to engage project beneficiaries in formation and involvement in savings and loan
associations (VSLAs). The parents and caregivers are helped to start farm and non-farm enterprises to
earn income to provide for their children’s education, medical services and other needs. The
organization creates safe spaces for the adolescent boys and girls where they are trained in life skills to
empower them to defend their rights and to become resilient to perpetrators of violence against them.
The young people men and women are given skills to engage in small businesses to create jobs for
income to reduce susceptibility of engaging in criminal acts.