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CODI’s campaign with Silent Donor
We are happy to launch our newest international fundraising campaign in
partnership with @silentdonor.

Silent Donor is our trusted partner and the largest anonymous donation platform
in the US, allowing for people and companies to donate to any organization they
are passionate about with full anonymity. Their mission is to allow donors to
privately donate to a cause with full anonymity. Visit the Silent Donor website
and choose your payment method and complete the short donation form. Simply
write in our organization’s name: Community Development and Child Welfare
Initiatives (CODI) to send a donation. The donation you will make through the
Silent Donor platform will be 100% anonymous because your donation will first
flow to their international charitable fund that they created to shield and protect
your identity. You will receive a donation receipt from Silent Donor International
then your gift will be sent to our organization. We have partnered with Silent
Donor and fully accept anonymous, tax-deductible donations from the
supporters. We acknowledge and appreciate the need of greater privacy among
many donors to support organizations such as ours within a level of privacy they
are more comfortable with.

Kindly support CODI anonymously. Choose to donate via card, bank transfer, or
cryptocurrency. Keep the impact of your gift, and also keep your privacy. Send
your anonymous donation to support CODI’s mission today! Privately donate
funds towards a cause of your choice in our interventions without any unwanted
attention or future solicitations. 
Thank you so much.